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Get in touch with South GVR HOA to apply for volunteer opportunties, respond to violations, submit complaints or send recommendations! 

The office is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM

18650 E. 45th Ave., Denver, CO 80249

303-307-3240 (phone)

303-307-3250 (fax)


Key People

Committed to the Cause

Board of Directors

President:  Shelly Jenks, shellygvrhoa@gmail.com

Vice President:  Rose Thomas, roseathomas@gmail.com
Treasurer: Alvina Ferguson, alvinagvrhoa@gmail.com
Director:  Shawna McCowan, shawnalalagvr@gmail.com
Director:  David Brown, dbrown80249@gmail.com
Director:  Evan Simmons, evangvrhoa@gmail.com
Director:  Mary Simpson,  marygvrhoa@gmail.com

Reach out to the HOA and get involved to make our community even better!

District Delegates

The HOA is set up in 26 districts and each district elects a Delegate. In order to be a delegate, you must be in good standing with the Association. The election process is outlined in the Association's governing documents.  

If you interested in being a delegate, board member or volunteer for other committees, please complete the HOA Interest Form and submit it to the office. We will get back with you once it has been processed.

The current District Delegates are: 

District 1: William Thomas, wetratgat@comcast.net

District 2: Fronzo Gilkey, my50my@hotmail.com

District 3: Eric Gravenson, EricG10101@aol.com

District 5: Yvette Anderson, gvrdistrict5@outlook.com

District 9: Fred Hales, fnrustyh@msn.com 

District 10: Rose Thomas, roseathomas@gmail.com

District 14: Mary Simpson, marygvrhoa@gmail.com

District 17: Shelly Jenks, shellygvrhoa@gmail.com

District 24: Reuben Espinosa, reubenesp@yahoo.com

17 of the remaining districts are in need of a delegate representative - please volunteer!